Monday, March 15, 2010

wild woman, that's me...

(I googled "wild dancing" and these wild cranes popped up, so I'm gonna use them....I look like that when I dance...)

I splurged on some new music on iTunes.
I spoil myself. The amount of spoiling is directly related to how good or bad my day is going.
Today was a good I bought two songs:
"You make me happy" by Picture Perfect (I heard it on some show the other day and my daughter liked it...) and "I gotta feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas...

After everyone goes to bed, I'm going o pop on my iPod and blast my tunes and would on my flabby self. I am learning exercises that I can do WITHOUT equipment. Which is good. Because I don't have an exercise room yet. Maybe in the next house, I will.

It's official. We ARE moving. Did you know moving ranks higher than death or divorce on the Stress Scale....? It's true....the thing I like best about moving is the purging. Getting rid of stuff and getting lean (on household items, that is.....)

Weigh-in: Did I tell you that I weighed in this morning? I have not moved...I am still at 169#, When I saw that I was disgusted and grateful at the same time: disgusted that I am still a fat ass. And grateful that I have not gained a ton more...

Tomorrow, I have an early morning trainer session. I am eager for the torture...I'm ready for the sweat. Bring it on.......!!

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