Friday, February 5, 2010

digging for the reasons...

Still blue, still somewhat depressed....
but I'm thinking, thinking about why and what I eat.
The emotions and the foods of my foods :)

And I so want things to be different.
It's not going to change unless *I* do...

Then I read some more of

Badass Fitness

and am once again, inspired. And determined.

I'm going to get off the computer and do some exercises while we're snowed in. Then I'll do the laundry and do some more workouts.

Good news: I'm convinced my husband to let me install a home gym (minimum equipment) in our next house, if we end up moving...Things like a Bosu ball, some free weights and a mirror. And a good radio or TV. I would LOVE a new treadmill but don't want to invest THAT much...

PS that image that I chose has NOTHING to do with the link I shared with's just the butt I would like to have for myself :)

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