Sunday, February 7, 2010

so blue......

I really am depressed.
All I've done for two days is cry. And eat.
And nothing soothes me.

Did I mention that I am trapped in my house due to the snow?
Husband is out of town till mid-week and my drive has like 4" of snow in it.
Seriously. FOUR FEET.
That's taller than my kids, who are tickled about the snow.

I am just sad. And blue. And crying. And hungry.

And did my shitty neighbor snowblow my drive out, when he did everyone else's...? NO. He KNOWS my husband is gone. Jerk. He's just mad because I told him last summer to kindly not stare at my ass.

Did I mention I AM DEPRESSED...? Should I talk to my husband about it?
Don't know if I will.
I hate being weak.

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