Friday, March 12, 2010

Post #32

I really am alone here.
I thought someone would stumble upon me, but nope. I'm all alone.
It's both liberating and stifling, to be alone with my own thoughts. I can say ANYTHING I want, but does it have any impact if no one hears it? Not whining, just pensive.

So the Husband is ticking me off. I'm not usually one of those women who sits around, bitching about her man. I LOVE MY MAN.....I adore him. He's my favorite person in the whole stinkin' world. Seriously, I would choose him above all others. That being said, he's annoying me. SO are my kids......Greatly. It just so happens that this is PRE-PMS week, too. Coincidence? Probably not. At least I'll admit it. Right now, I want to eat everything salty and crunchy, dipped in chocolate. But I'm ignoring my cravings and drinking water....Isn't it weird how your body retains water but you're supposed to put more in at the special time? Hmmm, sounds messed up.

I am sore. So sore. But guess who's gonna be in the gym, sweating? ME! I downloaded a bunch of new exercise routines, using Kettle-bells. I love those! They are so cute, and man, do they work! Plus I rewarded myself two new songs. I heard them playing in one of the classes and thought," OOOh, I like that song." I need some new motivation so music usually helps.

My trainer and I agreed that I need to increase the amount of time I'm doing cardio, so it's half-hour MINIMUM on either the treadmill or the elliptical, 3-4 weekly. I saw an ad for this gym in LA (of course) that has Chick Movie Treadmills. They are pre-programmed with the latest Chick Movies so you can walk and watch a good movie. The ladies who do it said the time flies by. I think that would be cool! I know I'd sign up for it. But my gym is a little behind the times...I'm finding it be to be 80/20 male-female, so there's a river of testosterone in my gym. Most women who are around my age probably just say "screw it! I'll get Lipo!"

I'm going on a Girl's Weekend this weekend, and the first question I asked my BFF was "Does the Hotel have a gym?" And she said, "Even better, they have a SPA AND A GYM!!" Woooo Hoooo! I"m going to work out THEN get a Swedish Massage, then sleep without anyone bugging me. And I'm going to go for a run....where no one can laugh at me.....

Now enough talkin', I gotta go sweat. Oh! I'm taking the aforementioned BFF to pick out a slew of green teas. I am all worried that they'll taste gross. Wish me luck!

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