Wednesday, March 17, 2010

...I drank spinach...

I'm in love with my pillow. I am soooo tired.
I left ALL of my energy at the gym. I poured it ALL into my workout.
But man, it felt goooooood. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's session!

You know what else? I went to Costco. Specifically for those damn Dark Chocolate-covered pomegranates. Oh, they are evil. But I was responsible. I put them into individual 1/2 serving bags so I'm not tempted to eat them by the CUP FULL.....

While at Costco, I also experienced my first ever GREEN SMOOTHIE.....I am hooked. It was some dude selling the BlendTec, which I'd heard of but never seen in real life. It's $369 and I was -this close- to buying one. He mixed me a smoothie with kale, spinach, bananas, kiwis (with the skins on) and pineapple (with the core) and blueberries, and strawberries with the LEAVES ON and some other good stuff. And it tasted FABULOUS....I drank spinach!! And didn't die!

Well, of course, I'm a curious sort so I said I'd be back. I came home and researched it. And it looks so goooood. I want one. I do. But damn, it's $369.00!!!! That's a lot of money....I'm thinking of asking for that for Mother's Day....I'd even let him count it as my anniversary/birthday/Christmas gift. But we'll see. With a purchase THAT big, I have to think about it long and hard.

But seriously, I couldn't even TASTE the spinach. That machine crunched it up sooooo small, you couldn't see it at all.....not even a fleck, and he put in a TON of it. if I didn't see him do it, I wouldn't have believed it.

I drank spinach, people. This is how they snag ya though. You drink spinach and they get ya....
I want one, I do.....I DRANK SPINACH!!!

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