Thursday, January 7, 2010

intro and admission

Yep. I am one of the ones who's SWEARING change and better habits in the New Year....
This year WILL be different. I've been working towards this for a while now.

My first step: Admitting I am fat. That's been very hard for me.
I mean, here's how I've handled this.
I've hidden behind baggy shirts.
I blamed the dryer for shrinking my jeans.
I found comfort in food.
My life, at times, was sad and lonely so I found my rewards in homemade bread.
I've cheated my husband out of the confident woman I used to be, who LOVED to be touched.

No more. I need to be honest with myself.
I am not chubby. I was chubby about 20 pounds ago.
Now I am FAT.
But with that, I gotta be truthful.

I hope you'll tag along for this transformation.
If you're here, I won't feel so alone....

tomorrow, I'll weigh in and share photos.
For today, THIS is enough. First steps can be scary....

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