Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's my 42nd post on this blog.
This is only meaningful because I am still here alone. No real readers, comments. It's just me and my insane whining...
My mom used to tell me that character is what you do when no one is look. I suppose I could change that to "accountability is what you do when no one is reading...."
Nonetheless, I soldier on. You know why? Because whether you read or not, I'm still doing this. With or without you, I'm here.

So it's early Saturday morning, the Husband had to work out of town so my sleep is outta whack. Amazingly, I slept well last night but had weird dreams. So I'm up early. Researching stuff for fitness routines. Wowie zowie....I have a lot to learn.

First thing I did this morning when I got up was DRINK MY WATER. I tend to grab a cup of tea and read the news online. But I need to step up my water, so I'm keeping a checklist today :)
I'm going to consistently hit my WATER GOAL for the next week. I've been so lax about it. No more excuses means NO MORE EXCUSES. Plus I'm extra motivated because I have an Official Weigh-In AND my measurements. crap!!!!! I'm more nervous about that stupid measuring tape than about anything. I looked at my measurements from before and I just wanted to barf. And I know that they are not much different, and I'm going to end up very depressed. My trainer, bless his little muscular heart, keeps telling me, "You're stronger...I see muscles." Yeah, whatever...

But you know what I wanna see? I'll admit it, I'm vain. I want to see a smaller freaking number on that scale. I want to look amazing. I want my husband to be thrilled to seen with me....that, and I want to be healthy. Truthfully, my improved health is my main goal. But damn it all if that hotness wouldn't make things much better.....

Oh you know what else....? I bought some weights for home. Little adorable 10# weights so while I'm standing in front of my TV, watching sitcoms, I'm going to go through the routines that my Trainer showed me. Plus I'm doing 50 push-ups EACH DAY, I can't do them all at the same time. I break them up into 10's....but I am trying to do them every day. In all of my reading says a simple well-done push-up works your ENTIRE core. Plus I increase the difficulty by holding my abs really tight. VERY hard. But I'm on a mission for my health (and any hotness that I can grab..)

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